a ministry of Mission Hill Church for kids in K-4th grade


Mission Hill Kids desires to be a ministry that is intentional inside the church walls and outside the walls. We desire for volunteers, kids, and parents to foster a love so deep for Jesus that they live out their faith no matter where they are at.


1.     Providing a safe and clean environment that is fun and inviting.

2.    To teach kids to know God and His Word.

3.    To help children grow in their faith.

4.   To teach kids to share God’s love with others.


Join us online Sunday at 9 am or 11 am

Join us in-person at one of our three campuses:

  • • Central 9 and 11 am
  • • Lake Carroll 11 am
  • • Six Mile 11 am

We have worship activity bags available for kids who come if you choose to take one.

Or, bring your own note sheet and crayons from home!


We love using The Gospel Project. The Gospel Project is a three-year survey of the Bible that goes from Genesis to Revelation, with each lesson pointing back to Jesus. When kids truly experience the gospel, their hearts are transformed. It is the gospel, not good behavior, which changes everything.

The Gospel Project for Kids teaches kids to:

    • • See the Big Story: Kids will understand that the Bible is not a collection of stories, but God’s unified story of redemption.
    • • Read Scripture as Christ-centered: The Leader Guide and Activity Pages provide a deep, Christ-centered Bible study experience for all ages.
    • • Grasp Essential Christian Doctrines: The Big Picture Questions and Answers are designed to help kids understand essential theological doctrines of the Christian faith.

Use password: MHK

Download our Weekly Activity Pages

This Week’s Lesson

Achan’s Sin

Download Younger Kids

Download Preschool

Download Older Kids


Last Week’s Lesson:

The Conquest of Jericho

Download Younger Kids

Download Preschool

Download Older Kids


Join us online Sunday at 9 am or 11 am

Join us in-person at one of our three campuses:

  • Central 9 and 11 am
  • Lake Carroll 11 am
  • Six Mile 11 am

We have worship activity bags available for kids who come if you choose to take one.

Or, bring your own note sheet and crayons from home!


Due to COVID-19, we have “virtual KidVenture” through our KidVenture Ketch-up videos each Wednesday and Friday at 5:30PM. Check out our Facebook, YouTube, or Vimeo pages to watch.



Due to the health and safety of your family, we have decided to postpone Mission Hill Church’s 2020 VBS until 2021. The Covid-19 situation has simply made this year’s VBS unattainable. Please continue to be on the look-out for Wed and Fri videos from Ms. Melody and Ms. Brianna; as well as weekly lessons and activities for you family.

KidVenture Summer Fun

Summer Fun Days are each Tuesday 9am-1pm in July. You are welcome to drop off your kids or come play along. Be sure to bring a packed lunch and closed-toe shoes. Register your K-4th grader for free at https://kideventpro.lifeway.com/myEvent/?id=55858
Here’s the schedule:
7/7 Basketball in the FLC
7/14 Park Day at Riverhills Park
7/21 Park Day at Lake Carroll Campus playground
7/28 Soccer in the FLC

KidVenture Family Week will be July 20-24 from 6:30-8:00pm. This will be a high-value time for you and your family as we sing songs, hear a Bible story, and do fun activities to reinforce the story. Each family (including parents) will have their own table to sit at, with their own supplies to use. This week is primarily for 3yrs-4th grade, although the whole family is invited to participate! Register here so we know which nights your family plans to attend!




How to talk to your kids about Salvation

  • Sometimes, it can be challenging to know exactly how to talk about salvation— especially when you need to do so in kid language! We like to use The Gospel: God’s Plan for Me to explain the Gospel to kids. Download The Gospel Poster here.

How to talk to your kids about baptism

  • Baptism is a way for Christians to publicly show others that Christ has done something miraculous in their lives. When a Christian is baptized, he or she is publicly identifying with Christ (with his death, burial, resurrection, and Lordship). In the New Testament, baptism occurs after a profession of faith (i.e., it is for believers only). It is a command and expectation, but baptism in and of itself in no way saves or completes a person’s salvation. Baptism is a symbol only. The key to helping a kid understand baptism is simple –  take the necessary time to explain baptism clearly.

Recommended Bibles

Spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2THQDu4zzizbdUM1h1gO12

Take a look at our Policies and Procedures Handbook  – Download here


For the health and well-being of all our children, please care for your child at home if they exhibit obvious signs of illness, such as:

Runny / Mucous Nose
Sore Throat
Unexplained Rash or Skin Infection
Eye Infection

Head Lice
Chicken Pox
Whooping Cough

If a child becomes sick after entering a classroom, the parents will be notified immediately.

Mission Hill Kids Staff and Volunteers are not allowed to administer any medication to a child. An exception is an emergency epi-pen.

A child must be free of all symptoms for 24 hours without medication before returning to the classroom.