Director of Next Generations Ministries

Hunters life journey has been marked by a passion for Jesus, mentorship, and a deep appreciation for the world of sports, entertainment, and sneakers. With a Bachelor’s degree in Divinity and five years of experience in student ministry, Hunter has dedicated himself to guiding and uplifting others through the word of God. These qualities have shaped his character and influenced his approach to challenges.

Beyond his ministry pursuits, Hunter finds joy in the unifying power of sports. He played football at Elmhurst college for one year before receiving his call to ministry and attending the Baptist College of Florida. He is also an avid collector of sneakers. Additionally, he immerses himself in the captivating world of anime, finding solace in its storytelling and artistry, and his enthusiasm for WWE showcases his appreciation for the athleticism and storytelling in professional wrestling. Hunter is an individual who seeks to connect with others through his spiritual calling, student ministry experience, love for sports, anime, sneaker collecting, WWE, and above all, his unwavering love for Jesus Christ.

Hunter Bruce –