For information regarding any of these volunteer opportunities please contact Pastor Gary at gary@missionhill.org.

WE NEED YOU. We have numerous opportunities to volunteer with our senior adult ministry. We have a great time being together and enjoy having fun and getting to know new friends. You will find that as you reach out to encourage others, they will also be a great encouragement to you.

Monthly Events: We have an event once a month called Prime Time Luncheon. We always have great food and entertainment. If you have an eye for decorating, we could use your talent setting up and decorating tables. We need friendly faces to greet people and hand out name tags so we get to know people by name. On occasion we travel to a local restaurant for lunch and could use help assisting people as they walk from the bus to the restaurant.

Weekly Events: This is an area where we have a great need for volunteers. We would like to create a variety of opportunities for our seniors to get out and spend time with people, but need individuals to coordinate these experiences. Some of the activities would include an exercise class in the Family Life Center, a book club, a jig-saw puzzle club, a craft time, a card club (this is a time where our seniors will encourage others by sending out birthday cards, anniversary cards, thank you cards, get well cards…). There are many other ideas, but we need volunteers to assist in organizing and leading these activities.

Daily needs: We could use people who are willing to make phone calls to encourage our seniors, especially those who are unable to get out. These calls help our seniors stay connected to their church and to others. A few minutes of your time will be a great blessing to those on the receiving end of your call. We could use someone who enjoys photography. We love to take pictures to record our fun times and help make memories. Also, we need people to help us when we make home visits and hospital visits. Just seeing a friendly face during the week will light up the lives of our seniors.

Planners: We need volunteers who enjoy planning events and activities. Nothing happens until the plans are in place. We could use a team of people to get together to help organize our different events.

Special Events: We are planning to take one or two trips during the year. This fall we are looking forward to our trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee in October. There is much planning that goes into these types of trips, and we could use people who have the ability to coordinate the many necessary details.

Our seniors are a special group of people. No group of people will be more thankful for your investment in their lives. All of our seniors have great stories to share about life. You will be greatly blessed as you get to know these new friends and spend time with them. Please consider sharing your time and talent to minister to this wonderful group of people.

We have listed a number of events that take place in our senior adult ministry, but I’m sure there are some great ideas we haven’t thought about yet. Please feel free to share your ideas with us, and we look forward to the great things God will do as you reach out to help others.