Mission Hill Church of Temple Terrace facilities are available for members only to use for non-ministry related events. Because of both the wear and tear on the facility and the time it takes to set up and clean up after events, there is a fee for the various buildings and services.

PLEASE NOTE: Charges will apply for ALL NON-CHURCH events on our campus. Below is list of fees that will help you estimate the cost of your event. After you submit your event request form, you will be sent the actual charges that you will be expected to pay as well as any other documentation (insurance forms, etc…) needed to use the facilities.

Thank you for your understanding.

General Event Pricing

Facility Rental $100 per hour
(includes set up and clean up times)

Custodial Service $25 per hour
(this is not optional but required with the use of the facilities)

Audio/Visual Services $50 per hour
(this will include set up time and clean up time for any sound, lighting, or video equipment other than a TV/DVD/VCR Combo)

Wedding Event Pricing

Worship Center Set up/Clean up $125*

Family Life Center Set up/Clean up $200*

Audio/Video Technician $100 per person needed

Pianist $100

Wedding Coordinator

Wedding Only $125

Wedding and Onsite Reception $175

Pastor’s Honorarium $100

* This is an estimate. Fee may vary depending on size of event, facilities used, and set up and clean up time required.
If you fully agree to these terms, conditions and pricing estimates, please complete our Event Request Application online.