Lead Pastor

Pastor Paul Purvis became the Lead Pastor of Mission Hill Church in 2011. Under his leadership, Mission Hill expanded to include three campuses in the greater Tampa area, serving a diverse congregation, where over 65 countries are represented each week.

Pastor Paul began his relationship with Jesus as a child and felt the call into full-time ministry as a young man. He has now been in ministry for nearly 30 years, and in addition to leading Mission Hill, he is the founder and president of The Barnabas Effect.

He and his wife, Kimberly, have five children, four sons: Micah, Caleb, Noah and Luke, and Aniyah, their Purvis princess, who was adopted into the family in 2017. The Purvis Pack has recently expanded again with the recent addition of their daughter-in-law, Rebekah.

Pastor Paul desires to do whatever it takes, wherever he is to shine with the light and love of Jesus, and he leads Mission Hill Church with the same vision and purpose, loving God passionately and loving people intentionally, both locally and globally.


You can reach him at