Director of Communications

Maresa was privileged to grow up surrounded by a family who loved the Lord. As a young girl she accepted Christ as her Savior and was baptized in her family church.

While attending the University of Florida, Maresa met her husband.  Shortly after their first child was born, they chose to move to the Tampa area to be near family. It was at this time that a close friend invited them to attend First Baptist Temple Terrace, now called Mission Hill Church. This invitation was life-changing for Maresa. Sitting in service one Sunday morning, she realized that as a child she had chosen to accept Jesus as her Savior, but she’d never really fully submitted her life to His Lordship. It was that morning that she decided once and for all to allow Jesus to be the Lord over her whole life; heart, mind and soul.

After this transformational experience, Maresa became deeply invested in her church home. She has served in a wide variety of church ministries and this service, combined with her diverse work experience led Maresa to her current position as Director of Communications.

Each day Maresa is grateful and delighted by the path to which the Lord has led her. She is privileged to work at the church home where she and her husband, Manuel, have grown in their faith, and their son and daughter, Roman and Lilly, have begun, and are growing in their own relationship with Jesus.

Maresa can be reached at