Director of Missions

Pastor Eliel was born in Curitiba, Brazil. His parents met when studying in a Baptist Theological Seminary and his father was a pastor in a Baptist Church in his hometown. When his was 14 years old he professed Jesus Christ as his only and sufficient Savior and was baptized. In 1987 he surrendered to God’s call for his life by going to the Baptist Theological Seminary in Rio de Janeiro where he graduated in 1990 with the degree of Bachelor in Theology. Later, after his graduation, he was ordained a Ministry of the Gospel. 

In 1988, when he was a sophomore in Seminary, he met the one that would become his wife and ministry partner, Marcilene. At that time, Marcie was a first year Music/Piano student.

In 1994 the two accepted the challenge the Lord presented for their lives and moved to the United States where they would plant the First Brazilian Baptist Church in Tampa, Florida. After a few years they moved to Kansas City, MO, where he began his studies towards the Master of Divinity degree. In 2001 they returned to Florida where they planted a second Portuguese-speaking church. They went on to plant a third church in Wesley chapel; this time a Spanish speaking church. For nine years, they were Church Planters for the Florida Baptist Convention in partnership with the Tampa Bay Baptist Association. 

Pastor Eliel also served as chaplain when he worked with Corporate Chaplains of American in the corporate chaplaincy service, serving companies and nearly eight hundred employees, whom he assisted in a wide variety of forms, provided all pastoral, hospital, and counseling care.

Before coming to the USA, pastor Eliel worked in Brazil as a Catalytic Missionary for the Paraná State Baptist Convention where he oversaw 32 churches and 26 pastors.

Pastor Eliel is also a graduate of the Federal University of Paraná, Bachelor of Social Sciences. Marcie, besides her bachelor in Piano degree also has a bachelors Degree in Music Education from the University of Rio de Janeiro.

Eliel and Marci married in July 1992. They have two sons: Lucas and Marcos.